Dawn Michelle Baude
The Beirut Poems
13 pages

Lebanon, The Explosions

In the saw-tooth sky the explosive
plane engine edgy helicopter pricked
full of antennas, even the darkest of spaces
has ears, eyes, fissured dishes upturned,
the roves are littered with surveillance,
with links, my love, why do you not
take advantage of the motion, cast your
line into the emptiness of featured
length, the helicopter sieve of air,
in the puncture, enraptured, be fumigated,
rants an arc, upset rover, river,
modules sickeningly sweet, the red
shifts distant, noise deafening, emotions
chipped among the cumulus, faulty
embroidery, the thread watcher,
trickles down my leg, I'm done for,
eyeless fish, stunned star, festering
at the seams no limit, this expansion
of shelled loss, gusts then grieves