Kenward Elmslie
Blast from the Past
87 pages

Click here for special Blast editions: 26 copies, signed & lettered, with an original collage by the author laid in
  Stories, poems, song lyrics and remembrances, Blast from the Past stars master songsmith Kenward Elmslie in a four-course word feast. Cocktails, crushes, hits and near-misses seal these remembrances with kiss-and-tell sweetness, the kind that blurts love in the telling. Poem-songs lift off the page with a pace graced by charm, humor and shadowy, hard-boiled naughtiness. It's a cabaret, starring the author's past, in a blitzkrieg blast of ghosts and folks traipsing through the song-lit head of this winning showman.

With 2 lovely black & white photos of John Latouche & Frank O'Hara and 4 color portraits of the author by Ken Tisa on the front and back covers.